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made fresh... served frozen!

yep, many of our products are designed to be used chilled... sounds weird right? we know... but once you try it you'll completely understand... we use fresh ingredients like real strawberries, bananas and dark cocoa combined with common sense and a heaping teaspoon full of happiness to prepare a single serving chilled to perfection... just pop 'em in your freezer when you get home!


feedmyskin also includes some incredible solution based treats specifically created to address the needs of real life TABOO issues like the booty blemish bustin’ Lucky Bum and the product that promises a “Thigh of Relief”, Chub Rub. 



inspired by the recipes of beauty editors worldwide and driven by the notion that anything imaginable is entirely possible if you dare to dream big enough.  a cooler kind of skin care that even mother nature herself would feel good about using.  feedmyskin offers a revolutionary line of natural skin care, guaranteed to delight your senses and satisfy your skin’s appetite…it’s what every body craves!

my skin's COOLER than your skin!

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with the cool crowd?

yep we’re cool and you know it.  we took the advice of beauty experts worldwide and created the ultimate goodies to satisfy your skins cravings … so you wanna hang with the cool kids, have questions, comments or just wanna dish?  give us a ring or shoot us an email and we'll get back to you!!


stay cool  x       x

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give sunburn the cold shoulder.

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a cooler kind of skin care